My experience with being a freelancer

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Being a freelancer is cool. As for me I am a freelancer in web dev and speed optimization. Here is my short experience and challenges I have faced. I work from home remotely and the only ting I hate is when a client wants to come visit me and see my works. Many clients think like I have got an office where I work alone, but the truth is; I still stay with my parents in a small house and my bed room is my office.

I have no problems with meeting a client somewhere else apart from my house because I stay with my parents and I operate from my bed room. This means that, if a client would visit me home, the client would need to enter my bed room.

For some male clients, they usually have no problems with that. But when it comes to females, they are usually skeptical or worried or scared thinking like something can happen other than seeing my works.

Have you passed through this or how is your freelancing from home experience?

Let me know in the comments. I even made an animated video for this. Sorry for bad language in the video.

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